Imagine having your phone ringing off the hook with interview requests, endorsements and new clients! That is exactly what has happened to me over the last 12 months and I am about to share my secrets with you.

This is for Authors, Speakers, Coaches, Service Professionals, Entrepreneurs and any experts who are looking for a way to use social media to build their visibility and to get more clients!
If you are tired of just barely making it and are ready to start making some real money with your business, then read on…..

From: Michele Scism, The Results Lady

Dear Friend,

There are question that I am asked all the time:

“Michele, how did you do it?  How did you build your business so quickly?  How did you go from an unknown in the world of online business to creating massive visibility in less than 12 months?  How did you get people like Kristi Frank from Donald Trump’s The Apprentice to interview you and endorse your services?”

I can not tell you how often I have this conversation with people and unfortunately I have to tell them that there is no quick answer to this question.  Because there were MANY factors that lead to my success.

If you are like I was, you are tired of putting in endless hours that seem to be getting you nowhere.  You see, when I first started I didn’t have a clue what I should be doing.  I started my business like many of you have – with a desire to change the world and a dream of making a boat load of money in the process.

But I quickly found that it is very frustrating to feel like no one was paying attention to me.  I didn’t know exactly what direction my business should be going in.  No one had ever heard of me (even though I had recently built and sold a multi-million dollar business and knew I had knowledge that other entrepreneurs needed).  I had no products or services, no online connections and no idea how to get create a website or use social media to find clients.  In fact I was convinced that social media was a complete waste of time.

(Any of this sounding familiar?)

I quickly became overwhelmed by all the trainings and suggestions from all the so-called gurus.  I found myself running from shiny object to shiny object – if you know what I mean.  What ever the next best thing was, I was there.

What the GURU’s don’t tell you!

If you have ever found yourself in a place of total despair, wondering if you are going to have to take a job to get through this year or worse yet give up totally on your dream, I am here to give you hope.

You see, what I realized was that it wasn’t my fault that I didn’t know how to get massive visibility using social media, like Facebook and LinkedIn, and other online marketing methods and especially didn’t know how to turn that visibility into cash!  I hadn’t been taught to do any of that.

Although I had previously owned successful businesses there were parts of this new business that were totally foreign to me.  You have probably had that same feeling.  Maybe you are a coach and you love doing the coaching sessions but you aren’t sure how to utilize a Facebook Fan Page to get more clients or how to use LinkedIn to get recognized as an expert in your field or how to create coaching packages that are irresistible to your potential clients or how to build your business from scratch, like I did.

It’s not your fault. It is confusing and frustrating and you simply have not been taught the step by step process that would take your business from the best-kept secret online to the point where clients are wanting to throw money at you. As a matter of fact, when I speak at seminars and ask the audience members how many of them are not getting the amount of online visibility that they want – at least two thirds of the room will usually raise their hands.

There is one thing I know for a fact about you – since you are an entrepreneur you are an intelligent person who is capable of duplicating what you are taught.  Thus the reason that franchises are so successful – the new entrepreneur can just duplicate the already proven system.

So I Spent The Last Year Feverishly Studying
Every Aspect of Facebook and LinkedIn
and Other Social Media Sites

Here is what I know now….

Social media marketing does not have to be an overwhelming, time consuming and frustrating waste of effort. 

Social media has actually leveled the playing field for the small business owner – opening foreign markets and making connections with suppliers and potential customers so much easier.  It is a low cost, highly leveragable marketing tool and those entrepreneurs that figure out how to leverage it now are going to be so far ahead of the game.

Facebook and LinkedIn are both still in their infancy and they are here for the long run.  Don’t kid yourself into thinking this is a fad.  People are flocking to these sites by the millions and they are your customers, suppliers, joint venture partners and affiliates.

Over the last 12 months I have been able to accomplish amazing results. When I actually looked at what I had done I realized I had really just utilized a few proven strategies (I’ll tell you in a little bit how you can learn about those strategies).  I simply repeated them time and again and created a massive online presence and was able to turn that presence into a profitable business.

Here are just a few of things I accomplished:

  • Added 3000 Fans to my Facebook Fan Page
  • Opt-in boxes strategically placed on my Facebook Fan Page and other online sites  have increased my email list by 3300+
  • One strategy on LinkedIn has doubled my website traffic 2 out of the last 6 months
  • My massive visibility brought with it speaking engagements, interviews, guest blogging opportunities and so much more.

Decisive Minds Facebook Fan Page Growth Chart

How Did I Go From Being Unknown Online to Having Massive Visibility and Credibility in 12 Short Months?

Maybe I should give you a bit more background to explain how things are so much different today than they were a year ago when I decided to start Decisive Minds.

My story isn’t that different than a lot of 3rd generation entrepreneurs. My family has been in multiple businesses for about 70 years now (way before I came along). I started working at the age of 5 in the family grocery store because I was finally tall enough to stand on the wooden stool and see over the top of the grocery bags. Why wouldn’t I work – they paid me in toys. LOL We weren’t only in the grocery business though. We also had a towing company, a mobile home park, an r.v. park and a trucking company.

I spent most of my life, after college, helping to grow the trucking company to a nice size business doing approximately $15 million a year in revenue. Then in 2007, when the opportunity appeared for us to sell our businesses and retire it seemed like a no-brainer.

However, for an entrepreneur retirement can be very difficult. I quickly found myself bored, depressed and lonely. I knew I had to do something new. So I started buying, remodeling and selling homes. That was a lot of fun but I couldn’t get past the feeling that I wasn’t doing what I was called to do.

I knew one thing – I wanted to do something to help entrepreneurs.

Around this time I started to wonder how people were making money online creating businesses that didn’t necessarily have to have an inventory and all the start up costs that a retail or brick and mortar store has to have.

I spent the last 6 months of 2009 researching what types of businesses would work online and trying to figure out how I could create a business from what I knew – BUSINESS! Fast forward to January of 2010 and 2 very important things happened. First I started working with my business coach Adam Urbanski and second I created Decisive Minds, LLC. I have to say that when I look back over the last year I can’t believe how different things are.

During the last year, I have:

  • Written two books, created several informational products and social media programs
  • Had my products and services endorsed by Kristi Frank of Donald Trump’s the Apprentice, James Malinchak the co-creator of “Chicken Soup for the College Soul”, Adam Urbanski The Millionaire Marketing Mentor and many others
  • Co-Created The Ultimate Blog Challenge (each quarter 300+ bloggers get together to blog and support each other)
  • Featured on websites such as,, Denise Wakeman’s, and more
  • Been asked to be a guest blogger on many sites and named one of the Top 100 Female Bloggers of 2010 by Women In E-Commerce
  • Asked to speak to many organizations, on seminar stages and on multiple talk-radio shows and tele-classes.

But remember it wasn’t always that way.

A short 12 months ago I had no business, no products, no website, no blog, no idea how to use social media to attract new clients and my email marketing list consisted of 17 business cards I had collected from women the month before at a women’s luncheon. So I am here to give you hope!

I’m not here to tell you it was easy, I did it while I sat on the couch eating bon-bons or that I had to work only 4 hours a week. It was none of those things and although it has been hard work I have loved it!

I took every class I could, I started attending live events and learning and networking. I took a 3 month social media program through I hired a business coach and joined a mastermind program (as I told you earlier). I spent a lot of time, energy and money to learn the online marketing and social media strategies that I then used to build my business over the last 12 months.

“Michele’s all day classes, and written information have provided a great platform for me to create my splash in Social media, and social networking…. Totally got my money’s worth, and appreciate her personal support as well. I highly suggest investing into her products….. you’ll certainly get your company on the ground, and heading in the right direction with social networking.”
Carol Andrews Jensen, Greg Jensen Originals

“I was thrilled to have the opportunity to attend Michele’s Virtual Day.  Even though I’ve been doing Facebook for a while now, I was amazed at the new things I learned from Michele that were implemented on the spot.  Not only is her delightful southern voice pleasant to listen to, her content and flow for the day were delivered with an inspiring zeal that kept me engaged.  Michele imparted a fire to me that made me believe that this really is my year to go from best kept secret in the dessert, to being where Michele is now.”
Sue Porter, The Accidental Leader,

I Am So Excited To Be Sharing My
Facebook & LinkedIn Strategies

This is an exciting time for me and I have no doubt that you will take these simple strategies that I am going to show you, implement immediately and start seeing results both finding new clients and making money.

I will share a proven strategy that will help you create a community on Facebook that is engaged with you, shares your thoughts and actions with their friends and followers, participates in your growth and buy your products and services.

What if I could show you how to find those people, exactly what to say to them and steps that will keep them engaged with you? Would you like to know how to easily connect with your ideal client on LinkedIn or maybe a new joint venture partner? It could be someone who could introduce you to their contacts.

With these strategies you can gain massive online visibility in less than 6 months which is exactly what I did. (Turn you into an online celebrity over night – LOL)

Not only that but I can show you how to reduce the amount of time you spend on social media sites trying to get noticed.

Better yet these are strategies, a lot of which can be automated, that you can turn over to a virtual assistant to be repeated over and over giving you time to focus on your clients and making more money.

Take Action Get Profits Virtual Day Training Modules

Module 1 – Facebook and Online Marketing Fundamentals – Why not put the fun back into fundamentals?  You will learn why it is so critical to set up your systems correctly from the beginning.  Setting them up the wrong way can set you back for months and cost you a lot of time and money.

Module 2 – Develop Your 5 Part Facebook Fan Page Strategy – Do you feel like you are spinning your wheels, wasting your time and energy online and still doing work for next to nothing right now?  I have stumbled upon some really simple strategies that have worked amazingly for me and will work brilliantly for you.  Remember your ideal clients are on Facebook and they are looking for you there as well.

Module 3 – Your LinkedIn Strategy in 4 Steps – Most people create a profile on LinkedIn and then ask “What’s next?“   LinkedIn is the most misunderstood and underutilized social media site.  I am going to share with you my “secret sauce” for LinkedIn.

Are You Ready to Take the Action
that will Catapult Your Business

Yes, my clients and I have used these simple strategies to catapult our businesses over this last year but were we just lucky?  Are these strategies duplicatable for all coaches, service professionals, heart centered entrepreneurs, authors, speakers, etc?  Absolutely!

“I’m a visibility strategist for solo driven entrepreneurs and also a person who is in total amazement at Michele Scism. I have to say for a newbie, she totally one-upped me on FaceBook. I mean I’ve taught social media tips to people since 2006. I have never seen anybody take the information, turn it around so fast and so authentically, making it hers, making it her style, her strategy, so that her clients can have the best success. I’m amazed with Michele. I know that you will be too and I give her a huge thumbs up and yes I am slightly envious of her for the speed at which she gets things done. I think you would be well-served to stick around Michele”
Nancy Marmolejo, Visibility Strategist,
“I want to tell you about my good friend Michele Scism.  She is the lady if you are having trouble on social media, you don’t know what you’re doing, your getting hours stuck on responding and liking and nothing is happening.  She has online tools and social media expert strategies.  They call her The Results Lady because she knows what she is talking about and she gets results so check her out.”
Kristi Frank, Donald Trump's The Apprentice Season 1

Introducing a Ground-Breaking 1-Day Virtual Workshop that SHOWS You EXACTLY What to do to Create Massive Visibility, Credibility and Profitability Using
Facebook and LinkedIn!

Now more than ever, it is extremely important for every business to have an online presence. Think about this – what is the first thing you do when you are thinking about doing business with a person or business? You Google them! And it pains me to see so many entrepreneurs make simple mistakes that are deadly to their profits. With that in mind, I’ve created a one day, 6 hour, hands-on virtual workshop using the latest strategies on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Take Action Get Profits:
Turning Your Facebook and LinkedIn
Efforts Into Profits
February 22, 2012
In the comfort of your own home or office

And what you will learn with dramatically evolve your visibility, creditability and profitability.

I will PERSONALLY show you how I catapulted my business from non-existent to vibrant and profitable using my signature strategy.

During the Take Action Get Profits Workshop, you’ll learn:
  • The single biggest mistake business owners make on their website.
  • How to position yourself so people are saying “You Are Everywhere!
  • How to get your name in front of 10,000+ people on Facebook in one update.
  • To start discussions on Facebook that fans will get involved in.
  • Specific key words and phrases that speak to your prospects
  • Exactly what to put on your Fan Page.
And that’s not all. You will also find out:

  • Why adding value to your followers lives and businesses converts into CASH!
  • What to do on LinkedIn after you have created your profile.
  • How to find your ideal client on LinkedIn and better yet how to have him find you!
  • When and how to create profitable programs and easily sell them.
  • The 2 changes I made during the year that catapulted my success.

Your probably thinking “Michele, that’s a lot!” but there is even more:

  • How to write a blog post in 15 minutes that is powerful and will get you noticed (I confess this is one of my super tricks for blogging as much as I do.)
  • How to massively GROW YOUR LIST (this information alone will pay for your investment)
  • How to use LinkedIn to double your website traffic (this one strategy has gotten me invitations to speak and be a guest blogger multiple times).
  • How to use your Facebook Fan Page to get the big names in your industry to start paying attention to you and become a fan of your fan page. (This strategy works every single time).
  • The 3 mistakes business owners are making on LinkedIn that is costing them clients.
  • and much, much more!

Have You Participated in a Virtual Training Day Yet?  I Fell in Love With Them as a Training Tool Earlier Last Year.

It is fabulous and I know you will love it.

NO TRAVEL – Instead of having to travel to a location to receive valuable information which you then have to take home or back to the office to implement, you are actually taking this training from the comfort of your home or office.  The day is specifically designed to give you a jump start on taking action, implementation, getting your questions answered and getting you headed down your path to success.

IMMEDIATE IMPLEMENTATION – The best part about it is that you will able to immediately implement the strategies you learn during the training day.

During this 6 hour day we will spend approximately 4 hours on the phone/web together.  During our time on the phone you will learn a strategy, then we will hang up and you implement that strategy.  Then we will get back on the phone together where we will discuss any issues you may have encountered and celebrate your successes.  We will do this throughout the day in approximately 1 hour increments.

GROUP SETTING – Since you will be learning in a group setting with other entrepreneurs you will not only be learning from me during the calls but learning from how others in the group are applying what they are learning.

Prior to the Virtual day you will receive tips from me to help you set up your Fan Page on Facebook if you have not already done this.  You will also receive tips to help you get your LinkedIn profile completed and ready for the strategies that I am going to teach you.

Now you might be thinking – What if I miss a call or can’t participate in part of the day? No worries – Everything is being recorded and we will have one location online with all of the resources we discuss as well as all the learning materials and call recordings and you will have immediate access to that during the Virtual Day and for several weeks following the day.

Adam Urbanski, The Millionaire Marketing Mentor

“If you are ready to take your business to a higher level and attract the clients that you want and turn that into the income that you desire then you have got to coach with my friend Michele and you’ve got to ingrain yourself in her amazing courses.  Michele gives you step by step what to do online, how to do it and here’s the greatest thing – it works!  So if you want results and not just going through the motions then get Michele’s course today and work with her in her program and let her coach you step by step on how to explode your online presence.”
James Malinchak,
Oh, I Almost Forgot About the Bonuses
Take Action Bonus #1!

A Free Ticket to TAKE ACTION GET PROFITS – 3 Days to Social Media Success Yes you are reading it right. When you make the decision to invest in yourself and your business we will include a free ticket to our 3 day social media event coming up in September 2011 in beautiful Orlando, FL.  There is a $47 registration fee to reserve the seat.  (Value $597)

Take Action Bonus #2!

Recordings of all of the days calls and webinars – That is correct – if you miss a call or if you just want to go back and listen again to make sure you caught all the wonderful secrets you will have access to the recordings.  These recordings will be downloadable for your future enjoyment as well.  Plus you will have access to a rolodex of resources that I use in my business.  ($Value 297)

Take Action Bonus #3!

“How to set up Your Facebook Fan Page” Pre-Event Video Training – As soon as you register you will receive a link to this video I created to help you understand the in’s and out’s of setting up your Facebook Fan Page. Even if you have already set up your page you will find information on this video helpful such as how your fan page is named, etc.  (Value $97)

Take Action Bonus #4!

“Creating and Improving Your LinkedIn Profile” Pre-Event Video Training – This second video will show you how to create your LinkedIn profile to make it super simple for your ideal clients to find you on LinkedIn. One of the focuses of our LinkedIn efforts will be on how to get keywords in your profile so it ranks high in LinkedIn searches. (Value $97)

Take Action Bonus #5!

“How I Grew My Facebook Fan Page From 1 to 1026 Fans in 30 Days” Audio/Transcript – Get your own copy of one of my best selling programs.  This one hour recording and transcript will tell you exactly how I added over 1000 fans to my fan page in 1 month. (Value $27)

Yes Michele, I am Convinced But How Much?

That is the amazing part.  I am so excited about sharing this information that I am giving you access at a nominal fee.

The regular investment for this cutting edge knowledge started out to be $597.00 (a small amount compared to how much earning power you’ll receive from this program when you understand how to effectively find, catch and keep your share of the online market) plus the bonuses, which total over $1,115.00 – that’s a total value over $1,712.00!

But the truth is, I wanted this to be a total NO-BRAINER.  Even though I personally believe we live in a time of great abundance, I recognize a lot of businesses are feeling the “fear of a recession.” 

You can’t grow a business from a place of fear.

I see a lot of people struggling when they really don’t have to be struggling.  My strongest belief is when you choose to EXPAND and INVEST in yourself, that is when you’ll see the fruits of your labor.

So this event isn’t going to cost you $597 or even $397.  The rate for entire 6 hour day plus all the bonuses is only

You read that right – only $297.00!
For the virtual event + all the bonuses – It’s staggering!

I’m sure you’ll agree that’s a small sum to pay for this exclusive information on how to gain massive visibility through social media and online marketing.

That’s right – you get 3 hours of training on the phone with me and a wonderful group of entrepreneurs, a step by step proven strategy and 3 hours of implementation during the class for only $297.   The whole day is only going to take 6 hours so that is less than $50/hour for this training – I know it sounds crazy but I am doing it for this price because I know how important it is for you to take action and have the business that you want and deserve.

There are two things I should point out.  First,  I am only accepting 30 people into this training and about a third of them have already been filled so be sure to reserve yours today and second, this price is for a limited time!  I guarantee you the price will be going up soon so you should take advantage of this lower price now.

“Michele really knows her stuff about today’s online marketing, and she sets a great example. She got me up to speed quickly, helping me leverage my time and efforts to get results! She is quick and astute at assessing the needs of a business, and makes working with her comfortable and fun! I’d like to have her by my side to consult at all times!”
Nancy Hagan, Organizing & Productivity Coach,

Our 6 Month 100% Money Back Guarantee

Here is how confident I am you’ll succeed with this program – You also get our 180 day 100% Money Back Guarantee! If YOU take all the action steps presented over 6 months, but you are not happy with the program and do not get more clients, then I will refund your money and let you keep this program, as well as all the bonuses.

So are you ready to reserve your space?

Remember there are only 30 spots available for this training.  Click on the register now button below to make sure to get one of the remaining spots.

Yes Michele! I am ready to step into the spotlight and get the visibility, credibility and profitability that I deserve.

Congratulations Decision Maker! You are going to get the “Take Action Get Profits – Turning Your Facebook and LinkedIn Efforts Into Profits” event where you will create your own personalized social media strategy! This Virtual Event will be February 22, 2012!

Plus you’ll get these bonuses:

  • A Free Ticket to Take Action Get Profits Live Event
  • Recordings of all event calls
  • 2 Pre-Event Video Trainings – Facebook & LinkedIn
  • “How I Grew My Facebook Fan Page From 1 to 1026 Fans in 30 Days”

And you know you’ll be protected by Michele’s 100% money back guarantee.

Don’t Delay!
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Get in NOW While There is Still Space!

You know you’re going to end up attending the “Take Action Get Profits: Turn Your Facebook and LinkedIn Efforts Into Profits” event because it is right for your business! So don’t wait. I don’t want you to feel the pain in your wallet by not getting the visibility and credibility that you deserve right now. Nobody else has the information you’re going to get during this virtual event!

I”m not saying you couldn’t learn about social media marketing elsewhere, but this event was carefully structured to get you the fastest results possible while at the same time teaching you a REPLICATIBLE system to get massive visibility, more clients and more profits! I look forward to supporting you in your wildest success!


Michele A. Scism
The Results Lady

P.S. Remember you have nothing to lose.  With my 100% money back guarantee the only way to lose is to not take action.

P.P.S.  In this 6 hour day of training you are going to learn amazing proven strategies for Facebook and LinkedIn but we are going to take it a step further than other trainings.  I am going to teach you how to take those strategies and make them profitable.

“I can’t say enough great things about all that I learned during Michele’s Facebook and LinkedIn Virtual Day. I’ve been working in my LinkedIn account implementing suggestions she gave during her Virtual Day and my results are absolutely PHENOMENAL! My ranking went from below 100th to #1 for two different keyword searches (out of ~1600 results). On a third keyword – of over 42,000 results and I am currently ranked at #2. This is so amazing that just a few tweaks could bring me that high up in the results. I would never have known any of this information had I not attended her Virtual Day. That was just a few hours of information – I can’t even imagine the value and information your three day live event is going to be packed with. I am going to do everything I can to be there to learn from you – The Results Lady – in person! Thank you so much Michele. You are the BEST!”
Debbie O'Grady,
“Michele has been able to see my company in ways that I never could. Because of that vision, I’ve been able to expand my business and work smarter. She has helped me create a concise plan and shown me how to execute that plan. If you get the chance to sit under her leadership, don’t miss that opportunity! You’ll leave with a fresh outlook for your business and a new entrepreneurial empowerment!”
Anita Serrin,
I wanted you to know that I really enjoyed your teleseminar tonight. You gave excellent content that listeners want to know about. I particularly appreciated the Q&A; sometimes I only have one or two questions I want answers to and just can’t find them. Thanks again!
Bea Vanni,
“Hi Michele, I really appreciated our time together earlier this week! I am almost through my to-do list that I created from our discussion. I am seeing some traction already. It is all about getting the process set up and daily follow up…just like everything else. Our session was really a brainstorming session that provided me with validation that while I was on the right track with some things, I needed to tweak a few others. Like Jim Collins says, steady and consistent pressure applied creates great results – that seems to be your message: focus and discipline. I love your energy and enthusiasm and of course, your sense of humor.”
Lora Crestan,
I can’t thank you enough for your suggestions, your pin pointing ideas for my book, blogging and email filtering. These 3 things would make a big difference in my work life!!! I soooo look forward to getting to know you further and please, please let me know how I can help you at anytime!
Jena Rodriguez,
“We were honored to have Michele featured on our blog. She provided numerous informative resources to our readers and she added so much value to our blog with her expertise. We really hope to have her featured on our blog again”
Leanne Chesser & Cheryl Wilms,
“Michele & I have worked together on several projects including the Ultimate Blog Challenge over the last year and she’s one of the most “take action” people I know. She’s sharp, quick, and gets things moving fast. I admire her ability to see the bigger picture, then plan and implement marketing and client attraction strategies that work.”
Michelle Shaeffer,

“Michele is an amazing entrepreneur and is always willing to teach others what she has (and is) learning. She is very resourceful. If she doesn’t know how to do something, she’ll not only LEARN how to do it…she’ll excel at it”
April Allison,